Our comprehensive online reporting options (available anytime, anywhere) provide you with better results to make even better decisions. From the macro to the micro, it’s just a click away. We give you the tools you need making it easy to view your bottom line. After all, information based decision making leads to smart business. Simply put.

Real-time reporting that makes a difference

  • Granular Reporting

    With our robust reporting options, you can discover what you need to know and fast. Dynamic by design, you can view transaction details, customer purchasing habits, sales reports, and more. Finally, a way to gain control like never before! Information based reporting leads to smarter business. And that’s just what we deliver.
  • Accessible from all Angles

    Gone are the days of being tied to a clunky PC. You’re on the go, so we are too. Get a glimpse of your business without being at your business. Our live, real-time reporting is available to you on any mobile device or smartphone. Our reporting on metrics provides you with the knowledge of how successful a particular promotion was over the recent holiday. You can even create custom reports that allow you to view the data how you want to view. Now that’s made to order!
  • Trend Based Reporting

    Our reports include macro and micro level information. Whether it’s per location, per department, or per clerk, we’ve got you covered. Find out what items sold most last month, and what you may considering promoting next month. With the right tools, you have the opportunity to increase revenue, enhance the customer experience, and never miss a sale. That’s smarter business.