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No matter what type of business you are, EMoney® POS helps you up the ante. EMoney® POS is designed with your time in mind and is as easy as operating your smart phone. From seamless setup to minimal training time for your employees, it’s never been easier or quicker.

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Lighten up - with host-based tablet processing!

EMoney® POS speeds through high traffic and fast paced environments that create faster checkouts with a secure and efficient POS. No one has time to wait in line with today’s must-have- it-now expectations! Our end-to-end customizable POS means your customers get what is on demand, upon demand!

Ditch traditional server based systems and any upfront software/ hardware license fees. Eliminate annual fees for tech training support and maintenance. EMoney® POS provides the instant upgrades your business needs without any delay. Host based systems reduce risk of fraud and viruses. The need for speed has never been greater, what are you waiting for?

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Integrated Processing

Our end-to-end customizable software via encrypted card readers, customer facing terminals and scanners offer mobility and flexibility with your business in mind. EMoney® POS is the future for one stop shop processing. This allows your business to get the very best rates and capability to manage and track all payments.

Your time is valuable, do not spend it manually counting inventory. The EMoney® POS user friendly interface, you can now track and monitor your inventory with ease. Knowing and managing your stock levels means smarter business. In addition, our customizable screen layout eliminates unnecessary steps and complete purchases and reduces staff training.

Employee Management

From accessing detailed reports or completing transactions, our Staff Management program enables you to set roaming privileges and manage employee access. You control who has access to what. After all, you are the boss!

Consumer Engagement

Ever wondered how you could maximize the potential of your current customer base? With features that allow you to build, grow and know your customers, you gain recurring business with incentives that keep your clientele returning.

How are you connecting with your customers?

Technology is an essential component in enhancing customer experience. There is a delicate balance between the push for the technology of tomorrow while maintaining traditions of yesterday. To meet today’s consumer demands and satisfaction, embracing technology is a necessity. Mobile consumer engagement is a critical alternate channel to reach your customers verses the conventional means of advertising and marketing.

Stay connected with your customers. Our Campaign Platform supports promotional text, email and social media outlets that promote your clientele to stay connected to your business, without having to use a third-party entity that will discount your product and share your revenue. Coupons, Deals, and eGift Cards can be created for immediate or future use with the flexibility to customize and personalize deals and rewards for individual or group delivery.

How would your customer experience improve if you could place a promotion right in the palm of their hand? What if you could send them a virtual gift card expressing thanks around the holidays? Would they enjoy the convenience of paying directly from their mobile phone or being rewarded for their continued patronage?

Transform average customers into lifelong clients. Rich analytic and demographic reporting illustrates each initiative and allows you to identify, understand and target consumer trends based on purchasing habits and behaviors. Customize gift, loyalty, and membership programs proven to increase revenue and enhance your brand image. The investment is minimal; the return is up to you!

No cash? No card? No worries!

Allow your customers to pay you with their mobile phone! Built with the most advanced encryption technology available, a mobile phone is transformed into a fully functioning digital wallet. People rely on their phone for business & social relationships, to stay informed and for entertainment. So why are you still only accepting paper and plastic for payment?

EMoney® POS lets you enjoy the ease, convenience, and security of accepting payments directly via a mobile phone and EMV equipped customer-facing terminals.

The EMoney® POS dashboard illustrates live, real-time reporting of your transaction history from a macro and micro perspective. Easily observe purchasing trends and view rich business analytics that are accessible anytime, anywhere. Success is sweet; it is even sweeter when you understand where you are and where you are headed. EMoney® POS provides you with the roadmap to success.

Stellar Support

We pride ourselves on unsurpassed 24/7 customer service support. When you call EMoney® POS, you get a real person on the line. No answering service, all in-house. We are here when you need us most. We are 100% confident that our products and services will help improve operations, enhance customer experience, and save your business time and money. When you work with EMoney® POS, you get a solution that is secure, innovative, and promotes success. Contact us today, we would love to answer any additional questions or help you get started.

Integrations & Extras

Integrated processing, campaigns, consumer engagement, virtual gift cards, and mobile invoicing. Say goodbye to MailChimp, Groupon, Apptivo, and more. EMoney® POS offers a full suite of platforms and products that are built into your software already. With a single company providing a complete end to end solution, why look any further?