Campaigns and Marketing


Our Campaign platform supports promotional text and email with social media outlets that create incentivizes for your clientele to stay connected to your business. Sharing your revenue with third party entities is now eliminated.

How would your customer involvement improve if you could place a promotion right in the palm of their hand? What if you could send them a virtual gift card expressing thanks around the holidays? Would they enjoy the convenience of paying directly from their mobile phone or being rewarded for their continued patronage? Coupons, deals, eGift cards, and loyalties are available for immediate or future customization and personalization with a single click.

Rich analytic and demographic reporting illustrates each initiative and allows you to identify, understand, and target consumer trends based on purchasing habits and behaviors. The investment is minimal; the return is up to you. With features that allow you to build, grow and really know your customer base, you gain repeat business with incentives that keep them coming back so you can transform average customers into lifelong clients.